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For when you want a partner in security and not just a pen test report. Red Mesa

Advance Red Team

Realistic attacks delivered

Red Mesa's Advance Red Team is the premium security assessment for your enterprise. We don't check boxes; we find vulnerabilities and exploit them, showing real world impact of the risks found. The Advance Red Team offers unique capabilities, some of which are listed below:

The most devastating attack chains start from a physical break in. Our team of skilled practitioners specialize in Covert Methods of Entry. From shared buildings to Top Secret Cleared facilities, we can show you your weak points.

True Internet of Things product testing takes hardware and wireless security knowledge, and extensive software development knowledge at a minimum. Red Mesa's Advance Red Team brings this knowledge to every engagement, helping household IoT companies for years. As more consumers are asking about the security in the products they buy, Red Mesa can help in both product testing as well as architecture review to ensure that security is built into your product from the start.

When you are ready for the most realistic test possible, you go with Red Mesa's Zero Knowledge Red Team. This one of a kind service is designed to show companies what their real-world risk looks like. All we want from you is your company name.

As a greater number of businesses transition to the cloud and online applications, they are demanding more from web application penetration testing. Red Mesa will not only find the problems, we will give your development team a path to remediation.

This is not your grandpa's wireless assessment. Red Mesa's Advance Red Team can test WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Zwave, WiMAX, Cellular and others wireless networks. Working with some of the most demanding industries, such as energy, Red Mesa helps discover risks for these groups and makes them part of their next DefCon talk.

Employees are perhaps the biggest security risk of any corporation. A simple phone call or email can lead to total compromise of your assets. Becoming knowledgeable about which methods are most effective against your employees will help shape the security culture in your company. Red Mesa's Advance Red Team can also provide you with customized security awareness training for employees of all levels.

Have Red Mesa's Advance Red Team look at your external and internal network to determine your network's risk. From simple networks, to those used in some of the largest telecommunication companies, the Advance Red Team at Red Mesa has the ability to find vulnerabilities others miss.

Red Mesa is one of the only premium security consulting companies to offer device testing. From testing hand-held scanners and rugged tablets, to corporate laptop image testing, Red Mesa offers full-security posture testing on the devices your company relies on most.