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The Red Mesa Difference

Delivering Uncompromising Integrity

Only Senior Level Consultants

Red Mesa exclusively hires senior level security experts. When you engage on a project with us you can be confident that every consultant on your project is a subject matter expert with years of deep experience.

Realistic Threat Actor Simulation

From Motivated Attacker & Hacktivist to Organized Crime & State Actors, Red Mesa can provide you with a range of threat actor simulations to match your security teams' maturity.

Designed For Your Teams' Success

Every one of of our engagements should not just bring value to your team with the report, but can also be used as a tool to increasse funding and resources for your team.


Consulting Services

Full Spectrum Red Team Assessments

When you are ready for the most realistic test possible, Red Mesa's Full Spectrum Red Team is the best choice. This one-of-a-kind service is designed to show companies what their real-world risk looks like. With a wide range of threat models to select from, companies can see how different threats from hactivists to state actors would compromise them.

Advanced Purple Team Engagements

The Red Mesa Advanced Purple Team comes in after our Advanced Red Team delivers their detailed list of findings. Red Mesa's Advanced Purple Team works side-by-side with your blue team to help review logs and video in order to develop custom signatures which can be implemented to better protect your enterprise.

SCADA/ICS & IOT Penetration Testing

True IoT and ICS penetration testing requires consultants with hardware and wireless communication security experience as well as extensive software development knowledge to be successful. Red Mesa's experts bring these skill sets to every engagement, as they have been helping secure popular IoT and ICS companies for years.

Wireless/RF Penetration Testing

This is not your grandpa's wireless penetration test. Red Mesa's Advanced assessment team can test WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Zwave, WiMAX, Cellular and other wireless networks. Red Mesa helps discover wireless risks for some of the most demanding industries, such as energy producers and financial institutions.

Physical Penetration Testing

The most devastating attack chains start from a physical break in. Our team of skilled practitioners specialize in Covert Methods of Entry. From shared buildings to Top Secret Cleared facilities, we can show you your weak points.

Network Penetration Testing

Have Red Mesa's assessment team look at your external and internal network to determine your exposure to risk. From simple networks, to those used in some of the largest telecommunication companies, the assessment team at Red Mesa have the ability to find vulnerabilities other teams miss.

Application Penetration Testing

As a greater number of businesses transition to the cloud and online applications, they are demanding more from application penetration testing. Red Mesa will not only find the security problems, we will give your development team a path to remediation.

Block Chain/Crypto Penetraton Testing

From Smart Contract reviews to performing penetration test of crypto currency exchanges, Red Mesa has worked closely with Blockchain companies and those who utilize their software. Let our team of experts become the trusted advisors for your experts.

Hardware Penetration Testing

Red Mesa offers in-depth hardware testing and reverse engineering services. From testing security best practices to decapping Integrated Circuits and dumping firmware, Red Mesa can provide you with the feedback needed greatly improve the security posture of the device.

Network Archtecture Review

Red Mesa offers in-depth knowledge on not just securing a network architecture but also helping your team optimize it for future growth. Our consultants have backgrounds working for the largest networking companies in the world and will leverage that knowledge to help your team improve network architecture, and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are exceeding best practices.

Active Firewall Review

Most firewall reviews are static, but Red Mesa takes a different approach. Performing both a static and active firewall review, Red Mesa can help you optimize your rule set, find vulnerabilities which can be missed in a pure static review, and help optimize rules.

Golden Image Review

Many companies have a standardized system image or "golden image" used for rapid, uniform deployment of user workstations/laptops servers. Red Mesa Advanced Red Team can perform an in-depth penetration testing against these golden images to determine the risk presented by a company workstation/laptop or server being stolen or attacked by a malicious insider. Red Mesa can help your team build a better golden image that exceeds security best practices.

About Us

The Trusted Advisor During The Toughest Of Times>

Red Mesa has been the trusted advisor to companies who have seen it all, helping clients with issues ranging from widespread DDoS on critical business services and incident response management to terrorist threats against employees. Companies know they can trust Red Mesa because of what we have at the core of all our client relationships-
Trust, Integrity, and Loyalty.
Red Mesa founded upon two primary ideas. First, that a security consultancy should be a security partner to each of its clients first and foremost. Second, that a company should take care of its employees and their families while also helping employees advance their life ambitions outside of work.
Due to these unrelenting visions, Red Mesa has become a sought after security partner for the Big Tech, Critical Infrastructure, Finance, Blockcain, Cryptocurrency and many more.


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